I am a 1.5 generation Korean who has lived in the American South all my life since I was three years old. Many of my childhood summers were spent in South Korea, where I shared my time between my birthplace of Seoul and in a rural village nestled in the Nam Han mountains. While in the countryside I stayed with my grandparents. They taught me the roots of our family's culinary heritage and the meaning of farm-to-table cooking. 

When I was younger and hopelessly romantic, I dropped out of college to pursue my long-time dream of becoming a chef. Since then I've failed stages, washed dishes to earn some time on the line, made a lot of mistakes and learned to swear a lot (I'm better about it now).

Luckily, a skilled Italian chef took me on as an apprentice and taught me the fundamentals of Italian cuisine. Italian food is my second love (first Korean). I have also cooked at a southern restaurant in Athens, GA called Mama's Boy where I learned a lot about southern cooking.  But some of the best culinary lessons I've received were in home kitchens, by cooks from all walks of life.

Image from  Mostly Martha  (2001)

Image from Mostly Martha (2001)

My grandmother, the legend.

My grandmother, the legend.


My passion for food and the places it carried me to has greatly shaped the way I cook today.

To the great relief of my Korean parents I now have a college degree, but I haven't stopped cooking for those I care for. It completes me.  I am a passionate home cook (and I have a normal 9 to 5 by day). I am at my best when I cook, I hope my recipes and stories can bring something meaningful to you too.