6 Uniquely Flavored Korean Candies

1. The Tutti Frutti Favorite


Jahdu Candy

Plum flavored!

This candy is a classic favorite. I've eaten this candy since my childhood and the flavor has not changed at all over the years. It is super fruity, ever so slightly tart and subtly floral tasting. 

  • What makes this candy unique? Plum flavor is usually associated in a dried or juiced form in the States- for, um, better digestion. The candy version sounds more fun! It's got vitamin E in it too!

  • Price and packaging? $1.79 for a 3.2 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? It actually does not taste like any plum I've tried, although it hits the mark of tasting both sweet and tart like an actual plum. The flavor has stronger notes of white peach and lychee flavors.

  • Would you buy it again? I've been buying this candy since I was a kid and yes I'd buy it again. Fan for life!


2. An Ancient Herbal Treat


Insahm Candy

Ginseng flavored!

Korean people have a mild obsession with all things ginseng, which is native to the Korean peninsula and highly acclaimed for its medicinal benefits. Adding ginseng to any dish will automatically take it from normal food to superfood. So just in case you have not yet had your daily dose of ginseng, they even put it into candy form! The flavor of this ginseng candy is very intense, as well as the aroma that came from immediately opening this bag of candies. 

  • What makes this candy unique? It's flavor comes from a medicinal root. Medicine + candy = usually a cough drop.

  • Price and packaging? $1.79 for a 3.52 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? 100% intense ginseng flavor.

  • Would you buy it again? Personally I can do without this candy in my life, but it can make for a good conversational piece if you keep some around in your candy bowl. Plus the bright gold packaging is super bling.


3. Wavey's Personal Flavor-ite


Nurungji Candy

Scorched Rice Flavored!

I love looove this candy! The toasty flavor of nurungji makes for a nutty and delicious candy that is highly addictive. The taste is almost like freshly popped, unbuttered popcorn and also reminiscent of soft corn tortillas. The candies are big! The texture is similar to peanut butter bar candies.

  • What makes this candy unique? You won't find rice as a flavor for any candy, ever, let alone scorched rice.

  • Price and packaging? $1.99 for a 4.59 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? I could use more "scorched" flavor to this candy since I like smokey/burnt flavors. However I'm happy with the milder version nurungji flavor in this candy.

  • Would you buy it again? Yes! This one is a keeper.


4. Candy Cup O' Joe


Coffee Candy

Without the Cream

This candy also had an intense aroma when the bag was opened. The type coffee it tries to replicate is a sweetened iced americano or sugary black coffee- just extra diluted. No creaminess in this candy.

  • What makes this candy unique? Coffee is not necessarily a unique flavor for sweets, but it is not likely to the find this flavor in an American candy aisle.

  • Price and packaging? $1.99 for a 4.59 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? The flavor from the candy does not do the intense coffee aroma coming from the package. The coffee flavor is there, but not as strong as I would like. It also tasted like watery gas station coffee that has been super sweetened up.

  • Would you buy it again? Nah.


5. Most Unusual Fruit (bc tomato is a fruit)


Tomato Candy


This one is by far, the most unique of all the candies! It seriously tastes JUST like a fresh tomato with sugar sprinkled on it. So if you like tomatoes, this candy is for you.

  • What makes this candy unique? Come on, it's tomato flavored.

  • Price and packaging? $1.99 for a 3.2 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? Tastes just a like a tomato, no joke.

  • Would you buy it again? It's been fun trying it, but no. I prefer tomatoes in my sandwiches.


6. Don't be Salty, Sweeten up with Bamboo Salt


Jookyeom Candy

Bamboo Salt Flavored Candy!

Jookyeom is a magical salt from Korea that is produced by taking chunilyeom (Korean sea salt) and stuffing it into bamboo stalks, which are then roasted on high heat numerous times. The result is a a grayish and fine salt that is considered to be ultra purified and good for your health. The flavor is well-rounded and subtly sweet, which may be why it has been used as an ingredient in hard candy. Plus- if it's healthy for you then Koreans will find a way to incorporate it into anything edible.

  • What makes this candy unique? This candy is salty as well as sweet.

  • Price and packaging? $5 for a 9.87 oz bag

  • Flavor loyalty? Hard to say, since all that is pronounced about this candy is the salt flavor. How true it is to genuine bamboo salt is hard to tell in candy form.

  • Would you buy it again? Although it has a lot of similar flavors to the of the nurungji candy that I like so much, I can do without the saltiness. I'll pass on buying this one again (so I can have more nurungji candy).