Vinegared Soy Sauce (Cho Ganjang)

This is a simple sauce that is a must for dipping any battered and fried dish in Korean cuisine. The acid from the vinegar in this sauce complements more greasy or rich foods.

Since we eat a lot of fried tofu in our household, I make this practically every other day. Used to dip bindae dduk, all varieties of jeon, fried or steamed mandu, etc. 

Makes ~ 3 tbls + 1 tsp

Prep time: 30 seconds


  • 3 tablespoons medium bodied soy sauce (I use a yangjo type ganjang like this one)

  • 1 tsp **vinegar

**Note: any type of grain-based vinegar will do here. I like to use rice vinegar but plain white vinegar will do too. Just nothing overly fruity like balsamic vinegar.

Combine ingredients and serve. Common garnishes are sliced scallions, sesame seeds and/or gochugaru