Homemade Greek Style Yogurt

The thought of making your own yogurt at home can be intimidating, but I can assure you, it really isn't. It is, however, a bit labor intensive but the actual culturing part you can just leave to a simple stir-in of store bought plain yogurt and a warm area for the cultures to thrive. Noooo biggie.

Also, it is so worth it.

Homemade yogurt is so much better tasting, inexpensive to make and it is a food that keeps on giving! Once you make your first batch of yogurt, you will now have in your possession a starter for future yogurt of your own.

Prep time: ~7 hours 

Equipment needed: large pot with lid, candy thermometer, cheese cloth, deep bowl for straining, large fine mesh strainer 


  • 1 gallon milk (I used 2%, but just know the lower the milk fat, the thinner your yogurt)
  • 7 oz container of plain yogurt (I used FAGE Total 2%)

1. Heat your milk in a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat until the temperature reaches anywhere between 180 to 200 degrees celsius. Stir constantly, otherwise your milk may scorch.

2. Once fully heated, remove from heat and let cool until temperature reaches 110 degrees celsius. The side of the pot should no longer feel hot but pleasantly warm to the touch. 

3. Take about a cup of the warm milk in a separate bowl and mix with store bought yogurt until smooth. Stir in this starter mixture into your warmed milk. Put lid on pot.

4. Place your pot of milk in a warm are such as a closed oven with a light on, wrapped snuggly in a towel or outside on a very warm day. I wrapped mine in a large towel and placed in my oven. 

5. Set your timer for 6 hours. After 6 hours, check your yogurt by scooping a bit into a spoon. Once the mixture has set and is scoop-able, it is ready for straining. The longer you culture your yogurt, the tangier it will become. Mine was ready for my tastes after 7 hours. My yogurt was mildly tangy. 

6. To achieve a greek style yogurt consistency, you have to strain your yogurt. Place a fine mesh strainer over a bowl. Place a cheesecloth in strainer and pour in your yogurt. Cover and let strain over night in the refrigerator or at least 6 hours. Once your yogurt has finished straining, transfer your yogurt to another lidded container. Enjoy right away!

**If your yogurt turns out too thick, just mix back in some of the whey to achieve your desired consistency. The whey is the liquid acuumulated from straining your yogurt.

**FYI whey is great for your health and can be used as a buttermilk substitute, mixed into smoothies, soups, etc.