Cars and Chicken Sandwiches

This past weekend I was invited to a drifting event at Lanier Raceplex by a mutual acquaintance. Cool, I thought. I was intrigued. Drifting was something I've heard of before or seen in movies but really had no idea what actually happens during the event. 

The drifters!

The drifters!

As soon as we arrived, the roars of engines ripping through the tracks filled the air. I smelled burning tires against the asphalt and the smoke they produced fogged the air in the distance. Smoke from the many vapors around contributed as well. I guess it's a thing, but I don't judge.  As I walked closer to crowds, I smelled fried chicken.

Spectators and smoke.

Spectators and smoke.

Now I was really intrigued, but we'll get to the fried chicken in a bit.

One of the most impressive things about the drifting event was that the participants were not only passionate about the sport itself, but also flipping cars for the event. These guys and gals are very hands on here, working on cars just for drifting. I developed a lot of respect for these folks. They really put a lot of time and energy into this thing. 

A very pretty yellow car prepped to drift.

A very pretty yellow car prepped to drift.

After profusely swearing like a pirate from my helmet in my first-ever drifting car with big bro, I managed to not stumble out of the car despite my shaky knees. As I plucked off the helmet from my head, I gave off a nervous laugh and thanked him for the ride. I also apologized for my "French" (I really didn't mean to though). Ya'll, it is good to be alive. 

Drifting is a thrilling experience! As the car spins out, everything seems out of control and your body is in tandem in a machine which seems to be defying the laws of physics. I wish I could have seen how bro was steering the car, but unfortunately my eyes were squeezed shut as I was swearing very unholy words out of my mouth during the whole ride.

It is a miracle I did not hurl the delicious fried chicken sandwich I ate just before the ride, because if I did, I would've have been very sad!

There was a food truck from JavaSaga, which actually specializes in coffee but for the event that day they were serving sandwiches encasing a generous portions of crispy Tawainese style fried chicken. Tantalizing! 

The Java Saga food truck.

For a $10 a pop, I received a made to order and generous portion of perfectly cooked fries and chicken sandwich. 

Winner Winner!

The chicken in between a plain white bun was perfectly cooked and the batter turned out very crispy and flavorful. I loved that both the meat and batter were well-seasoned. My favorite thing about this sandwich (not pictured) were the fresh leaves of basil laced inside the sandwich. They really added an extra layer of flavor on top of the already very colorful flavor profile of this sandwich. 

I am not usually a fan of fusion food, but this Southern American and East Asian mashup was a winner... because no matter the culture, fried chicken will always drift right into my gastronomic heart.

Haha, sorry for the corny jokes... but I just had to.